It makes ALL the difference!

Wireless Uplighting

Custom Gobos

Animation Monograms

Cafe/Bistro Lighting

Pin Spot Lighting

Dance Floor Lighting

Light up your wedding or special event with a customized lighting plan!

At High Tone Entertainment we create one of a kind lighting combinations customized to your vision & to your event space. Lighting is an essential & necessary element to bring your event to life. Whether it is spicing up a blank space, accenting beautiful components of an old building, a colorful wash to fill a room, or highlighting specific areas of interest, lighting can make all the difference in the world and add so much to the experience and fun. 

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Change the entire dynamic of a simple event space into a stunning & creative visual masterpiece
The possibilities are endless! You may choose from any color you'd like to match your wedding decor, your theme, or event make them change to keep the party going!


Full Color
Personalize your event by putting the spotlight on your name, initials, phrase, or company logo.
With countless design options we can work with personally to create a custom monogram fit just for you.

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