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Sweet Megg

Megg is a vocalist from New York City based in Nashville, TN. She started as a songwriter performing stompy folk around the East Village and Brooklyn before dipping her toes into jazz while studying at Le C.I.M. in Paris. She grew her sound performing all over NYC as part of the early jazz and roots community, eventually landing in Nashville where she fell into the world of country music. Her sound blends the complexity and improvisational nature of jazz with the storytelling emotive nature of blues and country music. She is heavily influenced vocally and emotionally by Billie Holiday and Patsy Cline. 

Her band can range from 2-8 people and do everything from full on 1920s New Orleans style, 1930s/40s swing, straight ahead jazz, sexy Julie London style sets, honky tonk, and rock 'n' roll.

OId Time Jazz
Country & Western Swing
Cocktail Jazz
With Postmodern Jukebox
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